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By: Edmund Behan on HRH Roofing

HRH has done over 500 roofs in our community. We have used other roofers but HRH is by far the best organized company that has high quality standards, clean, and very customer friendly. Would highly recommend them.

By: David Greenstein on HRH Roofing

Just like many of my neighbors, my family's home was impacted by a hail and wind storm in Sept of 2017. After working with our insurance company, we discovered that our entire roof and 1/4 of the siding on our house needed to be replaced due to storm damage. We reached out to 4-5 contractors, looking for a combination of experience, company longevity, professionalism, and value. After all, this is the home I raise my children in, it needs to be fixed right. We decided to work with Ras and his crew for a number of reasons. 1 - his team is not just licensed and bonded, but also certified to work with the materials we wanted. This resulted in a transferrable warranty, which was longer than most of the other bids we received. 2 - HRH is local, and has been in business for a long time. This suggests that they will be around at least as long as my warranty, and are accessible should I ever need it. 3 - the team expressed a willingness to work with my family and I to accommodate our pets and other considerations. Ultimately, the crew came through! They did not disappoint, and delivered a whole home in the two days they estimated. We remained on budget (less than 1.5% difference from estimate) and on time. The quality of work is top notch, and my wife and I feel we not only received a repair, but an upgrade from where we started before the storm. I has been a pleasure working with HRH, as they we considerate of our property and pets through the whole experience, and Ras stood behind his word when something did not go to plan. There is NOTHING more I would ever expect from a contractor, and would recommend HRH to anyone.

By: Cheryl Smith on HRH Roofing

After storm we had leaks in roof and skylight issues. HRH called us back right away and came out to inspect issues in a timely manner. The repair work was prompt and professional, and I appreciate their direct explanation of the issues and their price was very fair. I would very much use them again and recommend them to anyone. Thank you

By: Hunter Correll on HRH Roofing

Ras and his crew were punctual, courteous, and beyond professional! Our new roof looks amazing, and it's been the talk of the neighborhood. We would highly recommend HRH roofing for your next roofing project! Thank you, HRH Roofing!

By: Olivia Stancil on HRH Roofing

HRH Roofing is an excellent roofing company! We bought our new home in December and a winter storm was coming...our roof needed to be replaced or there was going to be major damage to the inside of the house. We called HRH Roofing and they came out and put up our roof in less than 10 hours! They saved us a lot of money by being so quick and efficient. They are very professional and HAND NAIL each shingle. Our roof looks amazing and we couldn't be happier with the affordable, high quality work!

By: Wolfe Rogers on HRH Roofing

Ras & his entire team are absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! They are truly excellent professionals in every aspect of roofing but also at assisting us as the homeowners through the complicated insurance process, they actually made it a breeze! The roof looks EXCELLENT!!! But even more importantly, it had the ultimate test through hurricane Florence. Here in New Bern, the wind & rain was record breaking, but there wasn't so much as a shingle out of place, and of course, not a drop of water got in!!! HRH Roofing's workmanship is impeccable and we absolutely recommend them for any & all work you need done!!!

By: T Smith on HRH Roofing

HRH replaced my roof after last falls hurricane. I waited until they had finished over 700 home roofs and then had mine replaced. They did a professional job that looks absolutely great and cleaned up all debris so that my home and yard look like the day I bought this home. Thank you Ras/HRH roofing. Fine job and reasonable price. Thank you again.

By: Gayle Spurr on HRH Roofing

From start to finish HRH was on top of our repair. They responded very quickly and arrived on time answering all our questions about the options available to us. They communicated quickly and effectively with our insurance company and made the whole process effortless! Their professionalism is second to none and we highly recommend them. Our new roof is BEAUTIFUL and complete with a warranty that will transfer to the new owners if the house is sold.

By: Tom Monschein on HRH Roofing

I personally dealt with George Fitzgerald of HRH Roofing. Everything was handled promptly and professionally. The roof replacement resulted in quality workmanship. The crew arrived at 6:30 am and finished at 3:30 pm that same day. They use the "old school" technique of hammer and nails with no nail guns. I have recommended HRH Roofing to several neighbors, friends, and family members. A very good company to do business with!!!

By: Valerie Carter on HRH Roofing

HRH replaced the roof. They did a great job and were very knowledgeable. They removed the old roof and installed a new one. They were professional and punctual. They removed the satellite dish and all the debris. I will recommend them to my neighbors and others.